Pawsitive stands for positive dog training

if you are looking for a better bond with your dog and you want to be active together


We provide dog training to create a better bond with your dog in various challenging ways. In this way you stay active yourself and give your dog the opportunity to actively participate in a dog sport together. At the moment we only have Dogfrisbee in a course context. In the winter period, from November to mid-March, we give extra obedience lessons at the cynology club Assen and others.

For thinking, Treibball, sports preparation and obedience classes, you can request a workshop or individual training.

We can test your litter puppies at the age of 7 weeks.

We train psychosocial service dogs on a small scale, in collaboration with the Happy Tails training center in Beerzerveld.


Do you want to organize a demonstration dogfrisbee at an event? Then you've come to the right place!

We give demonstrations on location.


There are plenty of opportunities to organize or request a dog training workshop. You might want to get acquainted with our offer, you have a litter reunion or you want to organize something festive for all dogs in the street.

We offer tailor-made workshops.

what does it mean


Thinking? Yes, thinking for dogs!

Dogs, like us, need a spiritual challenge. We make sudocus, play games and keep ourselves busy mentally and physically. In addition to exercise, you can make your dog's life interesting and challenging in a simple way.

In a workshop you learn what Thinking is, how you can apply it and how games can be fun by coming up with different variants. Thinking can make busy dogs work concentrated and calm and can help a stressed dog relax. It keeps your dog mentally fit. It can be done by older as well as younger dogs and to satisfy dogs that have to recover and therefore have to be kept calm. In short...

Thinking is for every dog and every owner. We use materials that everyone basically has in their kitchen cupboard, linen cupboard or storage, so Thinking is not an expensive hobby and feasible for everyone.


Actively enjoy frisbee with your dog

We teach Dogfrisbee so that owner and dog are active in a challenging way. Together with your dog you follow the Dogfrisbee lesson of a qualified cynological instructor. You can play Dogfrisbee from recreational level to top sport. The nice thing about the sport is that you can do it anywhere, as long as you have a few frisbees (special Dogfrisbees), a lawn and a dog.

To ensure the safety of your dog, it is important that you use specially developed dog frisbees. These frisbees are made in such a way that you can fold them in half without breaking them. They also have a thicker edge, so that the dog cannot sustain injuries in its mouth. It is important that you throw properly, so that the dog cannot get injuries from (too) high jumps or incorrect movements.

We offer Dogfrisbee in both courses and workshops.

behavioral counseling

Problems are there to be solved!

We can help you with questions or problems regarding your dog's behavior, so that you get the right tools to reverse this behavior. There are many types of problem behavior; bark, eat wrong things, don't want to listen, fear and uncertainty. A dog owner with minor or major problems can sometimes learn to reverse behavior with a few tips.

When solving a problem with your dog, we have many different methods in our 'backpack', but we always assume a positive way of guidance. In case of problem behavior we prefer to work with a naturopathic therapist or a vet who also works homeopathically.

sports preparation

Workshop preparation for dog sports

You have a young dog and you want to do a fun dog sport with it later? Or do you have an older dog and you want to offer him or her a pleasant activity? Or you want to do 'something' but don't know what yet? Then the Sports Preparation workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will learn how to teach your dog to work with you and how to maintain your concentration. We teach you how to let your dog relax and then concentrate. You will also receive exercises that make your dog aware of his or her entire body, so that there is less chance of injuries. In that context, we also teach you what a good warm up and cool down looks like, both for the dog and for yourself. We start by performing exercises at a slightly greater distance and we teach you and your dog how to further expand this, for example thinking about steering forward and following your directions to the right or left.

The workshop is a valuable preparation for a fun, sporty and safe dog sport life and a good addition to regular obedience lessons.

We do many different, short exercises during a workshop. Afterwards you will receive them in the form of a handout, so that you can do them at home with your dog.


What is Treibball?

In Treibball, the aim is for the dog to push one or more large gymnastic balls, up to 8, into a target from a certain distance. It is most similar to a combination of sheep herding and football. It is a very versatile sport to do with your dog. Your dog learns to work remotely from you and is particularly mentally challenged.

Treibball is a still young sport in the Netherlands, which is gaining a lot of popularity. Treibball is not heavy and is therefore even suitable for young dogs, old dogs and dogs with a disability. In a workshop we start practicing and you get enough tools to continue training at home.

our available training courses



  • excluding travel costs**

price on request




10 lessons




5 lessons

home visit

behavioral counseling

  • behavioral counseling, individual training and request for assistance dog information
  • excluding travel costs**

price on request

whole day


  • min. 6 and max. 10 participants
  • excluding travel costs**


per person



  • a half day lasts ± 2.5 hours
  • min. 6 and max. 10 participants
  • excluding travel costs**


per person

** travel costs up to 25 kilometers from our business address are for our account and the mileage will be charged above that € 0.19 per kilometer

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Hondencentrum Buddy

Gideonweg 17
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The site is located at the end of a cul-de-sac on an industrial area. There are 3 other Dog Schools located in that place because nobody is bothered in that place.

KC Assen

Dijkveldpad 2
9403 TC Assen

This location is beautifully situated on the edge of Assen between the sports fields and consists of two large fields, which are sheltered by trees and bushes. There is a large canteen.

Manege Anderen

Nijend 17
9465 TP Anderen

For the dogfrisbe training during the period from mid-November to about mid-March, we rent a riding school in Anderen. We are then out of the wind and the surface does not hit too hard. Frozen lawns are simply not suitable for playing dog frisbee! We are happy that the Reinders family wants to rent us their equestrian center.


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