terms & conditions & disclaimer

general terms and conditions

  1. Registration will take place upon receipt of the fully completed and signed registration form. After registration you will receive a confirmation.
  2. Upon registration, the student is required to pay the tuition fee.
  3. All courses and workshops are organized subject to sufficient participation. Pawsitive is not responsible for canceling a course or workshop due to insufficient participation. In case of cancellation, the paid tuition will be refunded immediately.
  4. Prices may change annually.
  5. In special situations (to be determined by Pawsitive), a decision will be made regarding any refunds or settlements.
  6. The student must be W.A.-insured for his/her dog.
  7. Persons under the age of 18 require the signature of the parents or guardian for the contract to be legally valid.
  8. Pawsitive is not liable for damages, material and immaterial.

general rules

  1. Anyone using the course does so at their own risk.
  2. The dog is sufficiently vaccinated, it will not be allowed on the field, if it is sick so that there is a danger of contamination. High-mileage bitches are not allowed on the course.
  3. For the safety of the dog, the following collars will not be allowed on the field: slip chain, pinch collar or power collar
  4. If the student is unable to attend, this will be communicated to Gesien before the course starts. The student is not entitled to a substitute lesson, but if that possibility arises, it can of course be used.
  5. During classes, the dog is always on a leash; only after permission from the instructor/trice may the dog be let loose.
  6. Any dog that poses a threat to the health or welfare of any other dog or person may be excluded from the activities.
  7. The dogs do not do their needs on the field, accidents are cleaned up immediately.
  8. Dogs should not be aggressive toward other dogs. The instructor/trice determines if a dog is aggressive during class. A dog that is aggressive can be sent off the field.
  9. If the student intentionally damages the field, equipment, clubhouse or other property of the field owner, the course will be unilaterally terminated by Pawsitive and no refund will be given.


  1. Pawsitive works only with well-trained and experienced instructors.
  2. If a class is cancelled, a substitute class will be offered at a later date if possible. If this is not possible, the excess fee paid will be refunded.


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