who is Pawsitive

My name is Gesien Broekhuijsen and initiator of Pawsitive.

With Pawsitive I want to make living and working with you with your dog as fun and exciting as possible. I am a certified cynological instructor and behavioral therapist and regularly follow training courses in the field of dog behavior, training and sport. The dog I grew up with was a Lakeland Terrier and when I decided my adult life was not complete without a dog, Bruno entered my house, a crossbreed Labrador / New Foundlander. Bruno turned out to have major problems in his behavior and because of him I studied the education and training of dogs. When Bruno died, I went looking for a breed dog that completely suited me and I found it.

I have become a huge fan of the beautiful Australian Shepherd breed and I have two of these beautiful dogs, Luke and Cliff. They were preceded by my first Australian Shepherd Bass. With them I have done most branches of sport, tracking, agility, flyball, rescue dog work, dog dance, treibball, sheep herding and, our greatest passion, dogfrisbee.

With my dog Luke I qualified in 2010 and 2011 for the world championships dogfrisbee at the UFO, a worldwide dogfrisbee organization and in 2011 I participated in the world championships in Texas, USA. We obtained a 13th place out of 26 participants, we enjoyed it.

With Luke I qualified for various European and World Championships up to and including 2015.

Cliff, born in 2014, has several qualifications and participations in European and even World Championships to his name, playing his first World Championship when he was only two.

You see, I am incredibly proud of my whoppers and although Luke is now retired from active competitive sport, he still enjoys playing a game of Dogfrisbee with me.

Pleasure is the most essential part of the relationship between owner and dog. With my knowledge and insight I want to let people get a good or better bond with their dog and offer the dogs in this busy society a great dog life.