where did it all start

Dogfrisbee is a still young dog sport in the Netherlands. Now over ten years, this fantastic sport is practiced by dogs and owners. The roots of the sport of dogfrisbee are, of course, you might almost say, in the United States. A man with a Whippet, who in 1974 smuggled his dog into the stadium at a nationally televised baseball game, laid the groundwork for the enormous popularity of dogfrisbee.

The man’s name was Alex Stein and the dog’s name was Ashley and was a Whippet. He had discovered, that his dog was willing to do anything to catch a Frisbee. Running, jumping, spinning, nothing was too crazy for Ashley. At halftime of the game, Alec ran onto the field with Ashley and gave a splashy dogfrisbee show, until he was arrested! The president of the International Frisbee Association, Irv Lander, coincidentally also present at the same baseball game, got tremendously excited. He paid the bail for Alex Stein.

The audience at the competition greatly appreciated the performance and with it began a veritable victory lap for Alex and Ashley. In sports-mad America, the sport quickly became known and one thing led to another. Now the sport is spreading rapidly across Europe and is popular from the United States to Japan. Most dogs love to chase something, so catching the disc is quickly learned by most. If the dog also wants to retrieve, it’s a snap…..the dog just chooses this sport! Almost all breeds and crossbreeds can play dogfrisbee.

Frisbeeing with your dog is not the same every time, keeping it engaging for both dog and handler. The variety of throws is enormous, the dog and possibly the handler can perform all kinds of tricks, while catching the disc is the reward. Most dogs and handlers, once started, become addicted to the sport.